Collagen is making a comeback

You’ve probably seen it on social media, promoted by influencers and even popping up in your local supermarket.

If you’re not familiar with collagen, here’s a quick overview. Collagen is the most abundant form of protein found in the body. It plays a crucial role in structural support for the skin, joints and muscles. Unfortunately, from our early 20’s our naturally produced collagen levels decrease, leaving the skin more prone to wrinkles and fine lines and joints to discomfort. While eating protein-rich foods can help synthesis collagen, simply eating protein-rich foods isn’t always enough. Cue the rise of collagen supplements.

In New Zealand you’ll generally find collagen powder is either bovine (from the cow hide) or marine (from fish skin, bones or scales). If you’re after faster results, then marine collagen is for you as its absorbed 1.5 times faster than bovine collagen. A type 1 collagen it’s great for skin, hair and nail health, with its smaller particle size making is easier for your body to digest and absorb. Marine is also the more environmentally friendly choice, with most marine powders sustainably sourced.



If you’re looking to kick start the health of your hair, skin and nails, then we may have found the brand for you. Milla Collagen is a relative newcomer to the exploding collagen scene, made right here in New Zealand, by husband and wife team, Anna and Michael. Packed into 100% recyclable glass jars, Milla boast a range of products that makes including collagen into your daily routine easy. Their focus on using clean and natural ingredients means they only use a sustainably sourced marine collagen from France, made from the scales of fish. The powder itself is hydrolysed, making its easily absorbed, and has the addition of vitamin c too, something your body cannot produce collagen without. With no fillers or fake flavours, you can rest assured everything in Milla’s range is carefully considered.


While research into collagen is still evolving, judging by the meaningful results many experience, taking collagen could just be the new years resolution for 2021.

You can view the Milla Collagen range for yourself, online at