Exhibit A

Exhibit A Gin

Exhibit A is an Auckland-based design brand that focuses on collaborations with creators and makers. Their premiere project is a stunning London dry gin that was recently awarded a silver medal at the New Zealand spirit awards. Encased in a sculpture bottle design by local ceramicist Gidon Bing, it’s two works of art in one. Verve had the chance to chat with Sara, from Exhibit A.


What was the gin making process like?

Frankly, the best kind of research. Our gin-makers Chris Charteris and Simon Wilson are master craftsmen and perfectionists. They worked hard and took the time to create Exhibit A’s delicious blend, which was influenced by the Japanese gins we’re drawn to.


Why was it important to collaborate and create locally?

Because the creative process works better for us if it’s in person. Exhibit A isn’t about getting the cheapest, quickest, easiest thing made up. We take a lot of time discussing, refining and questioning our offering. Besides, local is everything right now.


What inspired Gidon Bing’s designs?

His own ceramic designs combined with modernist influences, primarily from vintage cocktail shakers, which we obsess over.


What makes your gin unique, and what are the flavour profiles?

Our gin is very fresh and pure, scented with citrus and with a subtle smoky finish that comes from the green tea we use. It’s a handful of botanicals only, the antithesis to the many gins out there with lots of flavour profiles going on.    


How do you enjoy the gin?

Any garnishes, tonic brands or cocktails you’d suggest? We love it with East Imperial Old World tonic or Quina Fina tonic on a hunk of ice with a slice of lemon. Or in a negroni, or an ice-cold martini…


Why was it important to have environmentally friendly refill bottles and labels?

Exhibit A has worked hard with our designer Brogen Averill to try to come up with a sustainable but stylish packaging solution. We’re not fans of unnecessary plastic or synthetics so our corks are natural, our bottles can and should be kept forever and our natural rubber labels are biodegradable if you do want to throw them away. Even our refill tamper seal is biodegradeable. Of course, it needs to look amazing too.


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