Improve Your Health with Encare

Immunity has become a topic at the forefront of many conversations in today’s current climate. We caught up with Nikki Song from www.Encare.co.nz , an innovative NZ start-up making major waves on the world stage with their innovative approach to immunity backed by science and results.


Nikki Song from Encare
Nikki Song from Encare

Hi Nikki, tell us about Encare and what it does?

Encare was created with a passion to improve people’s gut health, immunity and overall health at pace. We partnered with Massey University and the Riddet Institute to explore the efficiency and effect of Bovine Immunoglobulins on the immune system through years of research. This research showed that 90% of diseases can directly be linked to gut health/immunity issues. Encare is designed to help address mitigate these issues before they become a major concern,


We hear so much about gut health and its link to immunity, what’s your view on this connection?

It’s been discovered that approximately 70% – 80% of all pathogens enter the body through the mouth and gut. In response, our immune system supplies up to 5 grams of immunoglobulins per day to our gut as a line of defense. The stress of modern life, sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, ageing and other health issues also have a significant impact on the immune system AND subsequently our immunoglobulin response. These Immunoglobulins are a major component and defend against incoming disease-causing bacteria and viruses.


We developed Encare so that you can send back up when needed, reinforcing your immunoglobulin/gut response quickly and efficiently.


What are customers saying about Encare? Can you share any success stories with us?

Feedback from our customers has been fantastic, my parents actually swear by it and have been using Encare for quite some time. One particular customer of ours had tried Encare for a few weeks and found that her eczema (related to her bodies over-reactive immune system/response) had completely cleared up on her arm. We were blown away by the result and her newly found confidence. We’re always getting feedback and love hearing from our customers from all around the world.


What are some of your tips for leading a healthy balanced lifestyle in relation to gut health?

For me it’s about leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle,

  • Get enough sleep (keep regular metabolism)
  • Stay hydrated (which helps balance my gut bacteria)
  • Good eating habits (Eat slowly, eat whole nutrient dense foods)
  • I play sports regularly and exercise, this can help to maintain a healthy metabolism, beneficial to both gut health and weight management.


For more on Encare please visit www.encare.co.nz and follow them on @encare.nz on Instagram.