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Lovely by skin institute answers some commonly asked questions about microdermabrasion and skin peel treatments.



How does someone know if microdermabrasion is right for them?

As an introductory skin service, microdermabrasion is right for most people. Whether it be a one off general skin refresher, or a course of treatments, this treatment will help to improve skin tone, texture and the appearance of fine lines. If you have a thin or sensitive skin type there may be a more suitable treatment option that our skin experts can guide you towards.

What does microdermabrasion feel like?

Microdermabrasion is not a painful treatment, to the contrary many people find this treatment relaxing! It is a mechanical exfoliation that uses a diamond tipped wand which has a gentle scratching sensation. As the wand glides along the skin a suction is applied, lifting the dead skin cells away, leaving the skin feeling smoother, softer and looking brighter. 

Is it true that those with darker skin types should take caution when looking into microdermabrasion?

The only people who need to proceed with caution are those who are prone to post inflammatory pigmentation. Lovely by skin institute therapists can reduce this risk by recommending a specific serum that inhibits this from occurring.


Skin Peel Treatments

What skin concerns do skin peels cater to, and what’s involved in the treatment? Skin peels cater to many different concerns. We can target many things, such as congestion, dehydration, acne, pigmentation and the signs of ageing. Once the skin has been prepared correctly, the peel of choice will be applied. Once the peel has had enough time to work its magic it will be neutralised or removed. It can feel a little uncomfortable when the peel is initially applied but this passes very quickly and overall it is a very comfortable treatment.

What are the visible effects of a skin peel?

Our boost peels will have your skin looking plumper and give them a lovely glow almost immediately after the treatment. With our salicylic peels, the penetration is slightly deeper, and the skin renewal process can take up to five days before your new soft plump skin is revealed underneath.


Do you have any tips for at home care before and after, to help get the best results?

We recommend that you let your skin absorb all the beautiful nutrients that have just been applied to your skin, so if you can wait until the next day to apply makeup then this is best.


Incorporating vitamin A (‘A’ for anti-ageing) and vitamin B (‘B’ for boosting) into your skin care routine is beneficial to the results of your skin peeling treatments.

After a peel, your skin will be more light sensitive for up to a week. Using a SPF30+ with UVA and UVB protection is the minimum coverage that we recommend post treatment. It’s important to understand that the sun doesn’t just cause pigmentation issues, it also ages us quickly, so should be worn all year round.

A good skincare routine with active ingredients will help ensure that you get your best results from your treatment, and will benefit your skin long term. Investing in your skin will last you a lifetime. / 0800 004 525