Louise Gray
Louise Gray

My Story Is Actually Yours!

Although we celebrate 15 years this year with Louise Gray Skin Care, I actually celebrate 22 years of business within the professional beauty therapy industry. My business career started with Every-Body Skin and Body Care in Remuera in 2001 which I renamed and relocated to Mission Bay in 2005. Over this time my story has actually become yours, let me explain…

Having spent my previous life as an intensive care nurse I quickly realised that you cannot compartmentalise things. Things need to be functioning effectively together for your body to maintain health and the same is true for your skin. The correlation between illness and skin fascinated me, why did certain health conditions present certain conditions on the skin? Then when health was restored, these skin conditions were alleviated. So, this is where my journey started – your journey, a journey to skin health.

Let’s take a look

Your skin, I believe is nature’s barometer into what is happening internally. Stress, hormones, diet and lifestyle will all eventually be highlighted on the surface. There is no hiding from it. All of these factors will in turn shape how your skin is presented and how we will age. So, when you first visit Louise Gray Skin Care I always start with digital skin imaging. This is to document your current profile and it will also be referred to as we progress on your journey.


It is also shaped by your past and heritage. We now have the technology to take a deep dive into this realm with SkinDNA testing. A true look at how your skin actually functions and what it actually needs at a cellular level. Sometimes what is presented on the surface is a reaction to what has been used or how the skin has been treated previously. It is a fascinating process and I enjoy working closely with these reports to ensure you are achieving unprecedented results.


I am very proud of my team, who I affectionately call, my team of ‘thinking therapists’. An interesting term but true on every level. We all work together, we take the results from your initial consultation, digital imaging and SkinDNA to look at the best pathway for you. Nothing is prefabricated at Louise Gray Skin Care, as your skin changes day-to-day, week-to-week. Treatment-wise it is also a journey, we ensure that your skin is stable and able to receive advanced services before we start.

Call it your journey – as that is what it is

My team and I look forward to having the pleasure to work with your skin in partnership. It is a partnership that is formed, ensuring that you are either working towards or maintaining optimum skin health. In reality, if the skin is functioning correctly it can handle anything that age, environmental stress, diet and lifestyle throws at it. It is your story, so let us shape it together.

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