Dr Sam Dunn
Dr Sam Dunn

Turning Heads For all The Wrong Reasons | Palm Clinic

The telltale signs of poor cosmetic treatments and how to avoid them

Dr Sam Dunn is an accredited doctor with the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine. He is the medical director of Palm Clinic and has been practising cosmetic medicine for 14 years.


At Palm Clinic our motto is ‘we make it look natural’. We are often sought out because we have a reputation for enhancing our clients’ aesthetic and making them look ‘fresh’ but not ‘done’.


We believe a good result is one that isn’t obvious. It should be flattering and in harmony with the rest of the face. Unfortunately though, in the wrong hands cosmetic treatments can create a cartoon-like quality to a face, and there are common mistakes that should be avoided.


The Joker

Heavy dosings of botulinum toxin in the forehead gives an unnaturally smooth forehead and can cause heavy, tired-looking brows. The worst example is when the middle part of the forehead is dropped, giving a joker-like appearance to the eyebrows.


We treat the frown along the brow, which softens frown lines and lifts the brows rather than dropping them. It’s important to tread lightly in the forehead above the brow so as not to weaken brow elevators.



Botulinum toxin in the right area at the right dose can be very flattering. However when the dose is too high around the eyes it can weaken the all-important cheek elevators leading to a shelf-like appearance around the eyes and a smile that lacks warmth.


Hamster Cheek

As with botulinum toxin, it’s all about the right volume of filler in the right place to create a premium result. Too much filler in the apples of the cheeks can give a hamster-like appearance and can make the eyes look smaller. Neither is aesthetically pleasing.


Good placement of filler along the cheekbone will lift the face and improve the jawline while providing angularity and definition, which is a winning recipe every time.


Trout Pout

Overly voluminous, artificial-looking lips can degrade the natural beauty of a face. When it comes to lips, less is definitely more. They should look hydrated without distorting their natural shape.


We recommend a bespoke approach that’s tailored to your face and the result you want to achieve. This is the best way to avoid these mistakes and ensure you look naturally enhanced and beautifully refreshed.


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