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Summer Ready? | Signature Style

Isn’t it great to see spring? With the arrival of daylight saving you just know summer is almost here. A change of fashion seasons is always fun, too, as it’s when we get to hit “refresh” in our wardrobes and mix it up a bit.


With all the new season’s styles hitting the stores (and yes, if I can encourage you to do one thing this year it’s shop locally – not in an overseas online store) it’s time to get your wardrobe ‘summer ready’. Not sure what that entails? Read on for a few tips…

How is your space?

This might seem odd but the change of season is a great time to give your actual wardrobe a spring clean. Get in there with a duster and the vacuum cleaner, remove everything from the shelves and drawers and clean it. While you’re doing that, bin any old, ugly, just bunged in the back of the wardrobe items (you know the ones I mean). Okay, now you’re ready.


What do you already own?

Take a look at your existing summer pieces. Do any work for the new season? Be honest, anything that’s dated and old will make you look dated and old. Do they still fit? Do you still LOVE them?


How are they looking?

Anything worn, stained, discoloured or lost its shape? Move those items on. Anything need mending? Get that job done. Don’t give room to garments that are past their best.


Check your shoes. How are the soles? The heels?

Anything need a bit of love? Clean what needs to be cleaned and be ruthless with those that are scruffy and need replacing.


What do you need?

Is it time to update your tees? Do you need a new pair of summer sandals? Make a list of those items that will give your wardrobe a new lease of life.


Make a list.

Buying to a list of specifics stops you overspending on items that might stop you creating a workable wardrobe. You know what I mean — yes, that stunning dress might be beyond gorgeous but if you’ve blown your entire budget on it you might regret it!


Jackie O’Fee is owner of Auckland’s leading personal style consultancy, Signature Style. Auditing and creating great wardrobes is one of her superpowers! If you’d like help with yours call 529 5115 or email