Tried and Tested

Clinical therapist and owner of Louise Gray Skin Care, Louise Gray, experiences first-hand the Depigmentation Programme – Cosmelan

Pigmentation by definition means colouring. Skin pigmentation, a disorder that affects the colour of your skin resulting in abnormalities caused when cells become damaged or unhealthy, often results in the disruption of normal melanin production within the skin.

Over 65% of clients that walk through the doors of Louise Gray Skin Care are currently concerned with pigmentation in some shape or form. Whether this be sun induced in the form of ephelides (freckles), solar/senile lentigo to hormonal factors with melasma and even post inflammatory hyperpigmentation concerns with the healing of past lesions. 


As a clinical skincare specialist, I feel that treatments previously given dealt with pigmentation concerns at a very superficial level. They provide fantastic results yes, but not enough to truly deliver results that our clients are looking for or need. Then Cosmelan arrived. This called for the practitioner to become the client. So what did I find out about one of the most in demand services provided by the Louise Gray Skin Care Team, and why?


Being placed into in the hands of my senior therapist, Hannah Brockbank, my skin was fully mapped using digital skin imaging at the completion of an intense skin, health and wellness consultation. With the full understanding of the treatment procedure and protocol, I was prepped for the service.

Louise Gray
Louise Gray
Louise Gray

So what is this service? 

Cosmelan is a one-time in-clinic, professional skin brightening treatment developed to reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation. Created to even out skin tone within a matter of weeks. I was sceptical at first, but also impressed with their clinical studies that achieved a 95% improvement of these conditions in the majority of cases. The best way to truly see if this is feasible is to try it yourself!


The treatment consists of two phases; the first, as mentioned is an in clinic service and the second, a maintenance protocol to be adhered too at home.


Hannah applied the Cosmelan mask, and I left the clinic with the mask on as this needed to remain on my skin for 8 hours before it was to be washed off at home. 


Removing the mask, my skin felt and looked slightly warm and puffy. I applied the recommended aftercare products and promptly went to sleep.


One of the major factors of this treatment is the peeling of the skin. This was true for me around the 48-hour mark and continued up to the 72-hour mark with my skin feeling dry and slightly uncomfortable, but nothing like I was actually expecting.


I continued with the homecare maintenance protocol for six months with my skin continually improving throughout this period. Digital results were impressive, but what I was most blown away with was the comments that came from a group of industry colleagues that I had not seen for about four months.

Seriously what have you done?”, “Your skin was always so fresh but now, and you only have a tinted moisturiser on, what are you doing?”, “Please you need to sit over there as I can’t sit next to you anymore!

Needless to say, they are all coming in over the next three months to see me.


The Cosmelan Depigmentation Programme is available now through Louise Gray Skin Care, I can attest that it is a commitment but, if it is results you are wanting, this is where we can truly provide them for you!