Mature Dog Pondering Life
Mature Dog Pondering Life

Let’s Get Your Dog Active Again!

With all our recent free time, people have been much more active and, of course our dogs (being our best friends) love to join us  for the jogs and long walks.


But old age can slow our dogs down and often they struggle to keep up due to ageing, muscle stiffness and/or joint pain.


The ideal solution is to offer your dog (or cat) a natural product that is proven to be effective, safe and non-toxic.


Now available in New Zealand Active Again (from Hope Science USA) is a blend of natural food oils (rice bran) available in soft gel capsules.


The oils assist in lubricating cell membranes and restoring the fluids  that cushion bones promoting greater flexibility and mobility.

Active Again (Efac) A1 90 Gels Dog & Cat Joint Support
Active Again (Efac) A1 90 Gels Dog & Cat Joint Support

Tried and tested by local veterinarians, Active Again is being widely received as an excellent cost effective solution.


For more information and to order online please visit lifetimehealth.co.nz or call/text 027 489 3489 or email sales@lifetimehealth.co.nz


Testimonial: “We got these for my husband’s dog – a Lab Pointer cross just before duck shooting last year – I gave her four a day for a couple of days – unbelievably it made an instant difference – she was more bouncier and back to her old self – she was a better dog at duck shooting – more energetic – Great product very happy.” – Pete and Bev.